Friday, 31 July 2009

[PIAS] Comedy Live!

Doug Stanhope at the Leicester Square Theatre 1st – 6th September

People who know about these sort of things say:

“ there’s a kind of Olympic torch of extreme American comedy, which passed from Lenny Bruce, through Richard Pryor and Sam Kinnison, among others, to the late Bill Hicks. Doug Stanhope is its latest, and equally brilliant, bearer. “ - GQ Magazine:

“He's underground, but head and shoulders above most comics on the Fringe. In the hands of Stanhope, comedy is a compulsion, a fight to the death against a cruel, mistaken world…(His) fiercely funny, honest and ever-changing set has re-established his superiority over every other stand-up of his generation.” - The Guardian *****

“Based on tonight's performance by this erratic but gifted American comedian, it's clear that audiences will be hard pushed to see anything better on the Fringe this year.” - The Independent *****

“ He's a depressed and screwed-up man, for whom nothing is taboo. Drugs, sex, government, religion? Stanhope disembowels them all and almost kills you with laughter as he does. He claims he's not as intelligent as people think, but does himself a disservice; this man's as bright as his comedy is dark. Anyone doubting that comedy is an art form should see this man.” - Metro *****

John Pinette
13 October – Reading Comedy Festival
14 – 16 October – Leicester Square Theatre
16 October – ....Manchester.... Comedy Festival
A star in the ....US...., Pinette has toured with Frank Sinatra, featured in the last ever episode of Seinfeld and starred in Hairspray on Broadway. Very mainstream, with genuine crossover potential, he is a huge talent.
"From the moment he walks on stage until the second he says goodnight the room is filled with laughter" Chortle ****
"This guy has got the funny. Got It Big. A bloody great stand up" The Daily Mirror

Hans Teeuwen
13 September – ..Greenwich.. Comedy Festival
9 October – ..Brighton.. Comedy Festival

Probably the most exciting comedian to hit the British stage in years, Dutch maestro Hans Teeuwen brings his phenomenally surreal, critical acclaimed ‘stand up’ back to the ....UK.... for two autumn shows.

'Teeuwen is among the funniest performers I have seen, and his sado-Dadaist cabaret is a masterclass in laughter' ***** The Guardian
'The best stand-up I've seen in ages' Stewart Lee
'If there are still tickets left by the time you read this, go and see him - you'd be mad not to spend some time with this breathtaking performer' ***** Metro
This guy is a radical genius'. Time Out

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